Can't believe it has been 10 years now!! On March 7th, 1997, my husband surprised me with the renewing of our wedding vows for our 10th anniversary! The plot began 3 months prior. There was an important business dinner on March 7th, and we planned to attend until my mother and sister announced a visit during that time. After I told Dh I would not be going, he employed one of my close friends to do the convincing. I finally consented and even agreed to buy a new dress for the evening (I hate to shop.) Little did I know that several key people were in on this big secret.

On the big night, Dh made up several lame excuses for being late and had me fit to be tied before we even left the house. (I am always on time everywhere I go, and CANNOT be late!) We were running about 30 minutes behind schedule, and I was very upset. We were double-dating with another couple, and the delays continued. We even ran through Hardees for two roast beef sandwiches, but my stomach was in knots at this point and I couldn't believe the other couple was hungry. Just when I thought we were finally on our way to the dinner, Dh announced he had to run by our church for a quick errand. I was really nearing a meltdown at this point. I could not believe my husband and these friends were blowing off this big important business dinner. Once at the church, Dh ran in the church. When he returned, he told me that a friend needed to talk to me. What?? As far as I had noticed, the church was dark and deserted. I barreled in the side door and that's when I about croaked. There were 50 friends and family in the sanctuary waiting to celebrate with us. (I was ushered in the side door so everyone could see my face!) Dh kneeled and asked for my hand in marriage (again), but I was completely in shock. Thoughts were flying through my mind as I processed who all was in the church. When I saw my Mom and sister, I really lost it. (Turns out, we had to do all that stalling so my Mom and sister could get the boys ready and get to the church, but they couldn't start getting ready until we left the house.)

We had a full wedding, with a wonderful dinner and reception afterwards. Dh had planned everything down to the engraved napkins. Most of my friends said the primary reason they had to come was to see the look on my face! No one could believe Dh could pull this off, because I am so organized and detail-oriented. As we were locking arms to drink our sparkling grape juice (we're Southern Baptist!), I jokingly asked him if we were going to Hawaii now. He laughed and said "No, California!" I was speechless again. He had planned a second honeymoon trip to my favorite vacation spot - The Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. We had only been there once before, and I had been begging to go back. We had a fabulous time, and my mom stayed with the boys for the week we were gone(the real reason for her sudden visit!).
Even now, I think back to the clues that I missed, and just cannot believe this all happened.


Our Renewal Wedding

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