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As I have embarked on a "get healthy" mentality, I have stumbled across some interesting, yet not widely known, bits of information. I will share these on this page.

Do your children have constant purple or pink circles under their eyes?

Do you or your children have repeated ear infections or sinus trouble?

Do you take medications for allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, or any number of physical complaints?

Have you ever considered that some of the foods we eat or the chemicals we are exposed to could be causing some of our problems?

Check out the links below and do a little research. After years of prescription medications, we became aware of the impact our diet has on our health, and are now medication-free. You can be, too!

Food Allergies
A very informative site on just what food allergies are, what causes them and how they affect our health.

Milk - Is it safe?
Cow's milk is for calves. Have you researched the true nutritional value of cow's milk for humans? Start with this article!

Mercury Amalgam Safety
Do you have a mouth-ful of silver fillings? Did you know they are probably at least 50% mercury? Mercury is toxic, but now when it is in our mouth? Start with this link and rethink your dental choices. Demand composite fillings and protect your health and the health of your children!


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