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To Our
Allergy and Asthma
Information Page!

Hello! Our family suffers with allergies and asthma,
and we have tried medications, testing,
nutrition and alternative methods.
I wanted to create a page with the information I have learned,
and valuable links to help you with your allergy and asthma troubles.
I hope you find the success we have!

How Safe Is Your Community?
Enter your zip code to find out about air pollution in your town.

Do You Do Dairy?

If so, you might be shocked at this next article.
Please read it and learn how dairy can be the culprit in many
allergy and asthma situations.

A Letter from a Cancer Doctor To His Patients.

Do You Have A Sick Child?
Is Their Behavior Affected By What They Eat?

Common Infant Symptoms

~red cheeks~
~not cuddly~
~abdominal pain~
~eye wrinkles~
~gagging or vomiting~
~purple circles under the eyes~
~recurrent ear and/or sinus infections~
~excessive drooling or perspiration~
~red ears~
~walks early~
~scalded buttocks~
~congested nose~
~wiggly legs~
~halitosis(bad breath)~
~needs to be bounced~
~constipation or diarrhea~
~chronic cough or runny nose~

Common Toddler Symptoms

~temper tantrums~
~excessive fatigue~
~bloated abdomen~
~reluctance to smile~
~refusal to be touched~
~refusal to stay dressed~
~nonstop, senseless talk~
~desire for a craved food~
~repetition of same phrases~
~purple circles under eyes~
~desire to crouch in dark corners or under furniture~

Common Child and Adolescent Symptoms

~bloated abdomen~
~cough or asthma~
~nose congestion~
~excessive fatigue~
~muscle aches~
~intestinal complaints~
~erratic learning or writing~
~behavior problems~
~hay fever~
~trouble remembering or concentrating~
~purple circles under the eyes~
~"glazed or glassy" eyes~

We have two boys who had a variety of the above problems,
and the doctors had no advice for us, other than to continue to give us
medication after medication that did NOT help.
Unwilling to accept that my children would be constantly sick and ill-behaved,
we started investigating the relationship between food, chemicals and our health.
Listed below are some great resources that really helped us!

Dr. Rapp - Is This Your Child - Discovering and Treating Unrecognized Allergies
This book has been invaluable to us and I consider it a must-read for any parent!
Allergies and the Breastfeeding Family
A great article, detailing the allergy process. Very helpful, even if you aren't breastfeeding. Don't pass this one up!
RAST versus ELISA Testing
Read here for a description of the differences to help you decide which one.

Alternative Methods
We have found great success through some alternative measures.
Very informative sites below.

Nutrition and Health
The Alternative Way

A wonderful site with many sections - 101 Reasons to Be a Vegetarian, The Protein Myth, etc. With Dr. Joel Robbins, Dr. Malkmus and others. A Must Read!!

Click Here to Visit:
Click here to Visit

The Hallelujah Diet
A Christian-based site full of wonderful information regarding a diet emphasizing pure foods.
Food Allergy Center
Extensive information on this site. I have not had time to read the entire site, but wanted to post it for useful information. Be sure to click the links on the left hand side. I am not associated with them in any way.
Celiac Disease or Wheat Allergy?
How to determine if you have a wheat allergy or actually Celiac disease.


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